Dental implants

Before the insertion of a denture, it may be necessary to insert an implant.

When a tooth has to be totally replaced, or a person wearing a denture wishes to regain "real" tooth, implants are the ideal solution.

This technique is praticable in the great majority of cases, but first it is necessary to ensure that the bone tissue which will hold the implant is of good quality, i.e. neither too thin, nor too soft.

The technique

The practitioner opens the gum and inserts an artificial titanium root directly into the jawbone. It is then necessary to wait a few months to ensure that there is no rejection phenomenon. Then the gum is reopened so that a porcelain tooth (crown) can be screwed onto the implant.

The drawbacks

This technique is not feasible in all cases. We advice you to consult a dental implant specialist to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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